Digital Jargon Demystified

This visual guide explains the key technology trends you need to know to stay abreast.

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Using Campaigns for Effective Training

This short video explains how you reapply the idea of marketing campaigns to create effective corporate training.

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Marketing Design Ideas for Better Training

This infographic highlights five design ideas borrowed from marketing to make your learning programs more effective training.

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Social Learning in Canada

This white paper, based on two years of research, outlines the state of Social Learning in Canada.

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Guidelines for Virtual Class Creation

This infographic summarizes the top seven tips for
adapting classroom training to virtual class.

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Five Areas Facilitators Need to Upskill for Virtual Training

This infographic showcases the top focus areas for virtual facilitators.

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Make Your Virtual Training Social

This infographic reveals easy ways to make your
virtual learning experiences more social.

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Augmented Reality Uses in Training

This infographic provides training
application examples of AR.

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Checklist for Learning Videos

This checklist outlines the eight considerations for choosing learning videos.

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Blended Learning Top Uses

This comic outlines the top tips for using blended learning in your training programs.

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Four Marketing Strategies to Use In L&D

This infographic discusses four central principles of marketing that will make a better learning solution.

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Future Proof Your Learning Team

This infographic showcases the core skills learning professionals need to exist in the future.

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Advertisers Secrets to Better Training Videos

This infographic reveals the concepts to make your training message stick.

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Blended Learning With Mobile

This iPDF provides practical tips for mLearning.


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AI Analogy Infographic

This infographic explains Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through a “training” metaphor.

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Top Augmented Reality Tools for L&D

This infographic outlines the best AR tools for
use in learning and development (L&D).

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Blended Learning With On the Job

This guide has practical tips to extend your blended learning back at work.

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