“AI in Learning & Development” Community of Practice Resources

AI + L&D Community of Practice

Video: Level Up AI + L&D CoP Summary

Watch this visually edited concise video of the key takeaways of our recent event. This video highlights relevant insights on the emerging AI use for L&D right now, the issues the L&D community faces, and how to tackle them!

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AI + L&D Community of Practice

Video: Community's key insights and tips

This beautifully synthesized CoP video features highlights innovative applications, including customized learning solutions, ChatGPT integration for coaching support, AI-driven business simulations, and AI-powered video creation.

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AI + L&D COP Video

Video: AI + L&D Overview

Watch this visually edited 5-minute video of the key takeaways of the event. This video highlights the crucial insights discussed, focusing on what Learning & Development professionals should know about AI and the key issues raised by your peers at other companies.

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AI + L&D Community of Practice

Video: Community's key insights and tips

Watch this practical 6-minute video of the key takeaways.  We explored how GenAI is used in different sectors and opportunities it presents for L&D. We discussed data privacy, trustworthiness, human oversight, customization, and upskilling. We also shared techniques for personalizing the learner experience with AI tools.

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AI + L&D cop

AI's Impact on L&D Ebook

Get an immediate industry pulse on AI in L&D, and get the practical insights on what to consider and do next. This ebook summarizes the first few AI + L&D Community of Practice sessions and reveals what’s on the minds of thought leaders across the globe. 

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10 Uses for AI in L&D

You know generative AI is important, but how can AI be used in L&D?

Check out Danielle’s ATD Article. The blog describes 10 practical ways L&D can use generative AI and other AI approaches in the workflow.

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You in 2042 Podcast: Markus Bernhardt

In this podcast, AI for you: Practical and proven next steps for L&D, Marcus Bernhardt, shares practical uses of AI in Learning and Technology. He shares useful tips for organizations to boost intrinsic motivation and be future proof.

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Podcast: Future is Already Here

In this foundational podcast for L&D, Stephen Ibaraki, futurist, overviews the key trends for educators to keep abreast of, and how the amplification of technological changes is exponentially growing. 

You in 2042