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You in 2042 Podcast: Markus Bernhardt

In this podcast, AI for you: Practical and proven next steps for L&D, Marcus Bernhardt, shares practical uses of AI in Learning and Technology. He shares useful tips for organizations to boost intrinsic motivation and be future proof.

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10 Uses for AI in L&D

Check out Danielle’s latest ATD Article. The blog describes 10 practical ways L&D can use Generative AI and other AI right now in the workflow.

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Podcast: Future is Already Here

This infographic explains Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through a “training” metaphor.

You in 2042

AI in Talent Development

Community of Practice Summary

Coming soon, this will be the summary of the discussion points (generated by AI, of course)

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eBook on AI in L&D

Want to learn how AI is changing the game in L&D? Download Markus Bernhardt’s eBook and discover how to leverage the latest technologies to create personalized, adaptive, and engaging learning experiences.

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AI image in a computer monitor

Video and Audio AI Tools for Training

I’ve tested all the AI + Video tools for the lens of training to see what’s actually useful for learning professionals.

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AI images for training

AI images for training

I carefully road-tested many images generated by AI to see what might work best for L&D

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How to have better Chat GPT prompts

This article from Descript articles describes the 10 ChatGPT mistakes you’re making and how to fix them. It’s relevant for L&D

Better Prompts

There’s parts of Descript’s other article that are useful for L&D (prompt refinement when using ChatGPT to get unstuck).  There’s a lot of the article that isn’t geared to L&D though.

100+ ChatGPT prompts for creators

AI for training

Free and paid alternatives to Chat GPT.

This article from has free and paid alternatives to Chat GPT.

7 ChatGPT Alternatives To Try in 2023