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AI + L&D Community of Practice

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AI + L&D cop

AI's Impact on L&D Ebook

Get an immediate industry pulse on AI in L&D, and get the practical insights on what to consider and do next. This ebook summarizes the first few AI + L&D Community of Practice sessions and reveals what’s on the minds of thought leaders across the globe. 

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AI + L&D COP Video

AI + L&D 5 Min Video Overview

Watch this visually edited 5-minute video of the key takeaways of the event. This video highlights the crucial insights discussed, focusing on what Learning & Development professionals should know about AI and the key issues raised by your peers at other companies.

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AI + L&D Community of Practice

Video: Community's key insights and tips

Watch this practical edited 6-minute video of the key takeaways of the event.  We explored how General AI is being used in different sectors and the challenges and opportunities it presents for L&D. We discussed topics such as data privacy, trustworthiness, human oversight, customization, and upskilling. We also shared some techniques for personalizing the learner experience with AI tools.

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You in 2042 Podcast: Markus Bernhardt

In this podcast, AI for you: Practical and proven next steps for L&D, Marcus Bernhardt, shares practical uses of AI in Learning and Technology. He shares useful tips for organizations to boost intrinsic motivation and be future proof.

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Podcast: Future is Already Here

In this foundational podcast for L&D, Stephen Ibaraki, futurist, overviews the key trends for educators to keep abreast of, and how the amplification of technological changes is exponentially growing. 

You in 2042

AI in Talent Development

Community of Practice Summary

Missed the session? Catch the 2-minute summary of each session.

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10 Uses for AI in L&D

Check out Danielle’s latest ATD Article. The blog describes 10 practical ways L&D can use Generative AI and other AI right now in the workflow.

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AI image in a computer monitor

Video and Audio AI Tools for Training

I’ve tested all the AI + Video tools for the lens of training to see what’s actually useful for learning professionals.

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AI images for training

AI images for training

I carefully road-tested many images generated by AI to see what might work best for L&D

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