My Story

Why dedicate my life’s mission to better training?

I remember the day I answered the door, at age 9, and two men took away my dad’s car. I remember the call I received from the utility company threatening to cancel our plan. I remember the shame of having a father who didn’t have the skills to get a job for four years.

While intelligent and hard-working, he lacked proper training to get into another industry. Employers told him he needed new skills, but the overly complex “flash and sizzle” training that he invested wasn’t practical. I vowed that when I was older, I would help others through effective learning programs that actually worked:

  • Training that people wanted to take and helped them advance in their career.
  • Courses that simplified the complexity.
  • Programs that delivered new skills and brought pride back into people’s lives.

So I formed Beyond the Sky. I put my heart and soul into every engagement and meticulously ensure every aspect of your learning program is effective. Because I’ve seen what happens when it isn’t, and I’ve seen the benefits when it is – not just in my father who thrived once he got training in a new field, but in every project I undertake. And I bring this to you.

Since then, we’ve expanded and each of our associates shares the mission – to be a conduit for development and create learning that allows people to fulfill their potential. We live this through our manifesto to create better training. And now this opportunity is available for your organization. 

Danielle Wallace Training and Development