With our AI + L&D Community of Practice, get answers to your issues and be part of an exclusive and engaging discussion on AI in Learning.


Our shared mission is to stay aheadinformed, and equipped for the changes AI is bringing to our field. As such, this AI + L&D Community of Practice Spring 2024 event promises to further illuminate the possibilities, challenges, and solutions in our sector.


About the AI + L&D Event:

Our AI + Learning Community of Practice is a space for you to learn from your peers in this rapidly changing field and then get expert answers to your collective questions. We’ll bring our guest “AI + Learning & Development” Expert Markus Benhardt . He will share insights into the world of AI and answer your questions. Don’t miss this rare chance to learn from an expert!


Here’s what we have lined up:

  1. Fundamental Current Insights: We’ll explore more about how AI is transforming our field and what it means for your training programs.
  2. Practical Primer: Quickly grasp the essential elements of AI that will impact you
  3. Practical Next Steps: We’ll equip you with actionable strategies that make AI a powerful ally in your training initiatives.

Space is limited

This event isn’t about selling anything, but rather providing a platform for shared learning, growth, and innovation. I hope you’ll join us as we continue this crucial conversation on the role of AI in our field.