Want to create more engaging, fun, and effective training videos?

Follow our 6 point checklist to design powerful visual content that meets the demands of modern learners:

1. Purpose

Have you decided if your video should evoke emotions, provide instructions, give context or depict WIIFM?

2. Clear

Does the video have a clear message? Do you want it to illicit a different POV?

3. Setting

Will learners view the video in class with discussion from a facilitator or are they viewing it on their own?

4. Duration

Is the video duration suitable? In class, play the section that best fits. In a self-paced program, set the video to stream only certain portions. (Don’t know how to go about it? Email me and i’ll share how!)

5. Permission

Do you have permission from the video owner? Are you streaming the video versus downloading it in respect of their permissions?

6. CC

Have you checked that the Closed Captioning (automatically built into YouTube videos) is accurate?

Want to learn how to create engaging training videos? Click on the link to access the infographic! Let me know in the comments below what you think.