As a learning and development professional, you are always seeking new and innovative ways to train and educate your workforce. You understand the value of creativity in the learning process, but have you ever considered using AI for training?  That is, AI to enhance your creativity?

AI for Training

Most human ideas are not truly novel, but rather the connection and application of old ideas in new ways. And AI can certainly do that. By simply asking AI to come up with ideas of things to connect, it can generate not-really-creative ideas much faster than human creatives. While it may not be “true creativity”, it sure looks like creativity and can provide valuable insights into new approaches to learning and development. There are a myriad of AI tools that support now this.

However, it’s important to note that using AI as a gimmick is not a long-term strategy. While simply saying that an ad or learning module was created with AI may be enough to generate buzz right now, its newsworthiness will quickly fade. Any future value from AI will have to come from its actual value in enhancing the learning experience.

Furthermore, while no one is getting fired and replaced with AI, it is alleviating head count pressure by increasing creative productivity. This means that AI may be reducing the number of new hires needed or at least increasing creative output without increasing headcount. As a learning and development professional, you can consider using AI to generate ideas for scenarios, summarize non-confidential information from subject matter experts, textbooks or manuals, and to generate plausible albeit generic responses to role play scenarios.


In conclusion, AI is impacting the future of L&D. It can offer a valuable tool for enhancing creativity in the learning and development process. As with any new technology, it’s important to use it in a way that provides actual value and not just as a gimmick. Consider using AI to generate new ideas and approaches to learning and development, and to increase productivity without increasing headcount. The possibilities are endless, and the potential benefits to your organization are significant.