Welcome to the future of business. Careers are long and skills require constant refreshing. What’s even worse is that most companies still turn to the traditional learning and development classroom approach instead of the modern methods of using custom eLearning. Organizations require employees to sit in a classroom listening to long, dull speeches every year just to update their skillset.

What happens when the lifespan of skills becomes even shorter? Can companies really afford to put employees through classroom training two or even three times a year? Fortunately, we have the technology to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape through improved learning & development practices.

L&D experts were handed the reins to lead the way in shaping the future workforce through advanced Custom eLearning Development.

The Future of Learning was Yesterday

Consider how many people use their smartphones to channel their curiosity. If you want to learn how to make pizza at home, you can just Google It. Want to network? Yup, it does that too! Want to know how to talk to your teenager? It’s got you covered!

Yet with this willingness to learn new things, companies are still resistant to using self-directed learning and blended learning to benefit their employees. The fact is that the future of learning is already here. In fact, it’s been part of our culture for nearly a decade. Long overblown boring classrooms belong in the past. Even universities around the world are transitioning much of their curriculum away from that format and onto a digital platform.

Custom eLearning Development is the Best Approach for Businesses

It always surprises me when I see a company still using this old classroom approach to train their employees. I mean, eLearning isn’t exactly a new concept. Companies need to adapt their learning approach through Custom eLearning Development.

If we look at top companies, we can see that they have adopted their approach to meet the digital lifestyle that most people enjoy. They use podcasts, virtual training, contextual help, performance support and chat bots to boost their training approach. Unfortunately, many companies understand the importance of digital presence for marketing but completely miss the point when it comes to training. They could learn a lot about creating a learning experience from expert marketers.

Digital Learning Boosts Productivity

Employers understand the positive impact that going digital in the workplace has on productivity. It gives employees access to better tools and provides access to relevant data very quickly. Some of today’s tasks are dependent on the latest technology.

My point is that the mentality for going digital already exists. Employees expect it in every facet of their job so it’s not difficult to get them to accept the transition to a virtual learning environment. Offering multiple learning paths creates diversity in the workplace. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why a custom eLearning development program is essential.

In the long-term, virtual training will boost productivity in the workplace. It takes some extra time to get the ball rolling but that investment will pay dividends later.

Modern Learning That’s Adaptive to a Company’s Unique Business Model

Custom eLearning development programs are built in a way that’s tailored to a business. So, the course contains all of a company’s unique requirements, internal approaches and practices. The problem with the traditional approach is that corporate learning is in a constant state of flux. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with employee needs.

Updating an eLearning is much more efficient since a designer could create content in a modular way. Since digital training keeps everything concise and organized into its unique concept, it’s easy to update information as the industry changes. For instance, a five-minute micro video would be much cheaper to replace than an hour-long training video.

Custom eLearning is Effective and Engaging

The modern learning experience should be effective and engaging. Both of these are achieved with the right eLearning experience. Customization allows designers to implement many different strategies. As a result, they can put an emphasis on engagement so employees won’t be bored while viewing the content.

When employees know that the experience is innovative and fresh, they are more likely to commit to learning. Most people want to be better at their job. And judging from how people use their digital devices, they also want to learn. The resistance comes from the dread of sitting through hours of boring content. Companies can remove that obstacle by creating custom learning programs that are engaging.

The Real Future of Workforce Training

The things I’ve discussed so far are not new concepts. All future workforce training will be built on its foundation. Right now, most companies still depend on a traditional training department to handle all aspects of learning, but I see that changing. Rather than being dependent on one department to teach them new skills, the organization gives employees the tools to empower themselves.

Imagine a workplace where employees have the ability to access essential information at the perfect times. Their learning experience would cater to their unique situation.

Rather than following the same approach we’ve seen for decades, companies will start giving employees control over their development. Leading companies are already focusing their efforts on providing guidelines and letting employees decide the best approach.

That’s where L&D professionals like myself come into play. Our job is to support custom eLearning development by implementing processes that allow flexibility for employees but also provide accountability checks that give businesses peace of mind.

Advanced L&D professionals have the tools and experience to empower both employees and employers with innovative custom eLearning development solutions. Things are different today and I don’t expect it to slow down! The future of eLearning is here and is filled with tremendous possibilities.