Our Team

Danielle Wallace

Danielle Wallace is a learning and development professional that provides custom learning solutions that are engaging, innovative and effective. With 9 years in the learning and development industry and 15 in marketing and sales, she has a proven track record of project management from leading diverse teams through multi-million dollar initiatives with well-known companies such as Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo. In addition to her success with these companies, Danielle has proudly helped to meet the learning needs of global and national clients such as Bank of Montreal, Roche, Enbridge, RBC, Citi Group, and KPMG. She has designed and delivered engaging eLearning and workshops at Fortune 100 companies, with best in class ratings.

Danielle prides herself on her timely work ethic and flexibility. Repeat clients can attest to Danielle's commitment to delivering on time and on budget. Her reliability shines when given a project and she values collaborative work where she is known to bring innovative, engaging, and learner-centred solutions paired with sound instructional design. Her work has not gone unnoticed as she has won collaboration awards at PepsiCo and Best Turn Around and Innovation awards while at P&G.

Danielle models herself after people who set goals for themselves, work hard, and share benefits with others. Since Danielle is no stranger to delivering world-class quality solutions quickly, her talent is also reflected in her personal life by being a competitive athlete, active in marathons, triathlons.

See Danielle's participatory, engaging style in this video. She ensures her learners are fully participating by employing a learner-centric strategy.

Natalie Letourneau

Natalie Letourneau is administrative assistant with exceptional attention to quality work and timing. Her energy and diligence ensure all facets of a project will achieve the desired outcome.

In her position, Natalie provides administrative assistance for Beyond the Sky. She assists on special projects, provides technical and logistical support for multiple programs, meetings, conferences, and workshops. Natalie is noted for her timeliness, strong work ethic, and flexibility. Her follow-through and accountability shine when given a project and she values collaboration and excellence.

Natalie is an enthusiastic self-starter with strong background in performing clerical and secretarial tasks using exceptional communication and customer service acumen. She is a proven academic and professional achiever who possesses unique computer skills required to assist team members and the organization achieve its mission.

Natalie models herself after those who are diligent, professional and who work hard to create their own path of success. She is also an honours student at U of T and an avid volunteer with the Royal Ontario Museum.

Sonia Grossi

Sonia is an instructional designer, facilitator and coach, delivers custom training workshops and solutions for supervisors, leaders, managers and team members. In addition, Sonia has expanded her portfolio in blended learning and designs eLearning modules and reference guides for self-paced learning solutions. Sonia has been central to her client’s increased success and performance in solving high conflict situations, increased levels of customer service, and helping team members speak up and ask difficult questions to name a few. Sonia’s arsenal of training workshops are interactive, engaging, and get to the root of the problem, leading to high performance and excellent results. Sonia has helped a number of organization and individual clients solve their problems and meet specific goals such as the Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Centre, Bank of Montreal, Howard Park Children’s Centre, TO2015, Canada Post and OLG.

Sonia models herself after people who are easily inspired and risk-takers, solution-oriented, open to learning and setting goals for themselves. She strives to be better and enjoys the company of others who feel the same way. Some of her personal interests involve painting, yoga and travelling.

Michelle Ibaraki

Michelle Ibaraki is a prompt and experienced Quality Assurance editor with an excellent eye for layout, consistency, and structure. Michelle is particularly skilled at checking eLearning and other digital means and her methodical approach to quality assurance testing and all facets of the participant experience ensures that the learning solutions achieve the desired outcome.

With a critical eye for detail,  she employs the skills and experience she gained from other roles to ensure every project meets her high standards.  She believes that a QA editor's job is to ensure the learner has a seamless and intuitive experience with the training content. In particular, she brings a fresh perspective to ensuring training is simple, jargon-free, and easy to navigate.

Michelle builds friendly and open relationships with clients, and believes in prompt and clear communication throughout the project. Michelle models herself after those who are empathetic, diligent, and who overcome difficult circumstances to achieve exceptional success. Some of her personal interests involve creating life-like paper flowers, custom greeting cards, and other detailed, complex crafts.

Mary Concepcion

Mary graduated with High Distinction from the University of Toronto in 2003 with a B.Sc in Neuroscience and Biology. Since then, she has worked as a Project Manager and in Quality Assurance for many companies, including Pepsi and Maple Leaf Foods. She has also received certification in Project Management, Food Science, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Mary has also volunteered overseas to teach English to foreign students.