In the fast-paced corporate environment, the ability to create engaging and informative videos quickly is crucial. As I was looking for a very quick means of achieving videos, I came across FlexClip, a web-based video maker. While it is designed to create marketing videos and family stories, its capabilities can expand into professional training and organizational change efforts.

Understanding a web-based video tool like FlexClip

FlexClip operates on popular web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible to novices video editors. The platform’s primary strength is its ease of use and the availability of a wide range of templates and media resources.

Benefits of Quick Video Creation for Training and Change Management

  1. Efficiency and Time Savings: The speed at which training materials can be produced is crucial in corporate settings. Traditional video production often demands significant time and resources. Quick video creation allows learning professionals and change managers to create videos rapidly, reducing the time between content development and delivery. I particularly like the plethora of built-in templates as this jump starts creativity and already considers the learner experience (LX). This efficiency is particularly valuable when responding to urgent training needs or swiftly communicating new policies.
  2. Consistency in Messaging: Ensuring that all employees receive the same information is vital, especially during organizational changes. Videos created with tools like FlexClip or others can deliver consistent messages across the entire organization, minimizing misunderstandings and ensuring everyone is aligned with new processes and goals.
  3. Engagement and Retention: Videos are more engaging than text-based materials, capturing attention and improving information retention. In formal training, keeping the audience engaged can significantly enhance learning outcomes. Video content, with its visual and auditory elements, helps in conveying complex information more effectively than written manuals. Change messaging communicated via a video is more likely to ignite the desired action than using text alone.
  4. Flexibility: The various different cloud-based platforms enable content creation from any location with an internet connection. This flexibility benefits remote teams or organizations with multiple locations. It also allows for quick updates and revisions, ensuring training materials remain current and relevant without significant hassle.

Applications in Training and Change Management

  1. Creating Learning Videos: FlexClip’s simplicity is a major advantage for producing training videos. Learning professionals can quickly develop content using the platform’s templates, focusing on the quality of the training material rather than the complexities of video editing. The built-in screen recorder is particularly useful for demonstrating software or processes, providing clear, step-by-step visual instructions and I particularly appreciate their “webinar” templates. 
  2. Change Management Communications: Clear and effective communication is essential for successful change management. FlexClip allows organizations to produce professional videos that explain new policies, procedures, or organizational changes in an engaging manner. The ability to quickly update these videos ensures the information stays relevant and accurate.
  3. Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement: Videos can help engage stakeholders at all levels. Whether explaining a new strategy to employees or providing updates to management, videos convey messages dynamically and memorably. This visual approach can help ensure that key messages are understood and retained by all stakeholders.

Streamlining Video Creation with FlexClip

While FlexClip offers various features, the most relevant for talent management/development professionals include:

  • Online-Based Platform: No need for software installations or high-end hardware.
  • Wide Range of Templates and Media Resources: Facilitates the creation of professional-quality videos without extensive design skills.
  • Built-In Screen/Webcam Recorder: Ideal for creating instructional videos and webinars.


In summary, quick video creation tools like FlexClip are practical for corporate training and change management. Their ease of use and the ability to swiftly produce and update video content make them valuable resources. By leveraging such tools, organizations can enhance the effectiveness of their training programs and ensure that change management communications are clear, engaging, and consistent.