The world of work is changing rapidly, and with it, so are the needs and expectations of employees. In 2042, the future of work is likely to revolve around two key themes: self-care and technology.

Future of work priorities

Organizations will focus on the care of their employees, investing in wellness for their employees, and providing more freedom for self-care. One example of this is instituting a one-hour wellness and resilience hour per week for all employees, with no meetings, and the focus is on building strength and capacity.

The hybrid work model, where employees work from home and the office, will become more common. Office spaces will change to accommodate this, becoming more “we space” than “me space,” promoting collaboration. People will carve up their day, doing a variety of different things to fuel their passions and keep themselves healthy, both in mind and body.

Learning and development in the future of work

From a learning and development perspective, technology will play a key role in supporting employees in this future. Platforms and learning ecosystems will evolve to allow for more control over the content being consumed and the timing and modality of learning. Self-directed learning will become even more prevalent, and technology will allow for blended learning, where training occurs from anywhere and consumed on any device. The technology of digital communication platforms will continue to advance, making virtual presentations feel like everyone is in the same room, with a much more robust and quality experience for everyone involved.


In conclusion, the future of work will prioritize self-care and technology to help employees balance their work and life and enhance their learning and development. The focus will be on providing employees with the tools and resources to create their own learning paths and control the content they consume. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the future of work is looking more flexible and fulfilling than ever before.

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