Learning and Development Training Solutions

What makes your company great and unique? Your people. But your employees will struggle to retain vital skills without effective training. That’s why we’re dedicated to simplifying complex training.  We offer top of the line learning and development training solutions. We breathe new life into training and offer education tailored to your specific needs.

Through rapid development and client collaboration, we develop performance-based solutions for your challenges. We can skillfully and seamlessly blend the principles of advertising commercials into your learning solution so your training promises to be engaging, persuasive, and concise.

Our business solutions are innovative and will guarantee success.

Our expertise includes:
A thorough needs analysis is the first step in the development of your project. This helps us determine what will and won't work for your learners. We'll also discover the readiness and priorities of the audience, the optimal delivery method, and the cultural vision. This not only guarantees that you'll get exactly what you need, but also that you'll be spared anything you don't. You'll get customized learning solutions without any waste. Learners will be able to focus more intently on the course because the content is targeted to their needs.
Virtual classrooms and webinar systems allow for both synchronous (at the same time) or asynchronous (at different times) delivery of learning components. Go Beyond the Sky integrates multiple interactive features into our online learning modules in order to engage learners and address the expectations of those with a range of learning styles. Carefully chosen activities and assessments at key points in the online delivery process ensure that users receive the feedback they need to succeed. Go Beyond the Sky’s webinar-based design and delivery options bring high quality learning on demand to a geographically dispersed workforce, often saving time and money while increasing employee competency.
In addition to engaging, customized learning solutions, Go Beyond the Sky empowers your company with enhanced flexibility. There’s no longer a need for training to be restricted to your own building. Mobile learning makes training possible from anywhere and everywhere. Matching an education solution with today’s busy, on the go employees is essential. Mobile learning development and applications ensures that learning never needs to be hindered.
We provide custom learning support including job-aids and reference materials that ensures learners know where and how to access the key information at the right time. Sometimes the best solution is simply a performance support tool like a job aid, at other times the job aids can sustain and complement other training types. No matter what your situation, we can provide a solution that fits your needs.
Application on the job is critical to relate the education to the "real world." Our on the job activities are designed to foster continual learning in the actual working environment and may be stand-alone solutions or complement existing training programs. Whether structured activities, coaching, self-paced activities and more, these learning solutions will meet your needs.
Sometimes just one solution isn’t enough. We develop solutions to best fit the needs - blending a variety of learning options together to meet your goals, as appropriate. Classroom training, on-the-job activities, peer learning, coaching, eLearning, virtual classrooms, communities of practice, and assessments are all available to you.
Social learning refers to the informal learning between others and is a powerful method to develop relevant skills and insights. At Go Beyond the Sky, we can encourage and capture this information exchange through social media tools or other "grassroot" solutions in order to encourage and continually develop this important network of learning.
Just because you already have courses and programs doesn’t mean eLearning isn’t an option for you. We’re able to convert them into cost efficient eLearning solutions. This can be especially effective for your Instructor Led Training (ILT). In addition to decreasing maintenance and travel costs, you’ll be able to offer a much more flexible solution. And you won’t have to sacrifice compliance. Go Beyond the Sky can redesign your ILT to an eLearning storyboard and use our rapid development process to convert it to SCORM/AICC compliant eLearning.
Whether through eLearning, virtual classroom, or face to face classroom sessions, we can develop engaging, interactive games focused on the key learning concepts. The activities are fun, challenging and most importantly - designed to have participants remember the training content and not just the game experience.
Measuring how well participants have acquired the desired skills and/or tracking completion can be important. But it also needs to be interesting and engaging. That's why Go Beyond the Sky develops innovative learning assessments whether delivered through fun eLearning situations or in class activities. The end result is an assessment that meets the business needs while also being enjoyable for the participants.
Rapid eLearning refers to the capacity to create learning modules frequently, easily, and responsively. Go Beyond the Sky can turn your ideas into actionable learning content in response to immediate needs or long-term goals. Sometimes, changes in regulations, a new client’s expectations, or new company leadership can lead to the need for updated technical or soft-skill learning in a matter of weeks. When that happens, we’re here to help, with systems in place to respond to your needs on short notice.
Instructor Led Training in a classroom allows you to engage and interact with participants in an unparalleled way. Go Beyond the Sky has expertise in delivering innovative and engaging learning solutions that are memorable and focused on the learning content. Using techniques custom to your needs, from sophisticated case studies to game-based scenarios, our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.
Our instructor led training sessions include comprehensive and structure "train the trainers" allowing your facilitators to truly understand and be confident delivering the intended materials.
Our programs may include coaching support and tools in the form of guides, workshops, assessment rubrics, presentations, and other methods to ensure coaches have the appropriate knowledge to achieve the goals. Each solution is tailored to your corporate needs.
Our industry-leading case studies and role plays are designed to be specific to your organization and they incorporate nuances of your organizational culture and goals. The fun, dynamic activities ensure participants discover the intended learning outcomes.